Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Westering Women: Links to BOM Quilt Patterns

Block 1 Independence Square


Here are links to all 12 Westering Women blocks from last year.
All the blocks are from reader Star2Tia. A nice bunch of blocks, don't you think!

Block 2 Indiana Territory

She used a good deal of my reproduction fabric, mostly from the Old Cambridge Pike line.

Block 3 Sweet Gum Leaf
Block 4 Lone Elm

Block 5 Platte River

Block 6 Hill and Hollow

Block 7 Courthouse Rock

Block 8 Chimney Rock
Block 9 Sage Bud
Block 10 Rocky Mountain Chain
Block 11 Bear's Paw

Block 12 Road to California

I will leave those links with free patterns for 2017 but you may prefer to buy them in another format. If you would like to have the patterns as PDF's you can download and print the set of 12 blocks. I also can mail paper patterns to you (U.S. Postage included). Here are links to patterns in my Etsy Shop:

Instant Download PDF $15

Paper Patterns Through the Mail $22.50.

Below are posts for the introduction, fabric requirements and sets.

And a link to Star2Tia's Flickr posts


Becky in VA said...

Nice blocks!

Anonymous said...

Love the blocks, but I can't get the links to work, they say not please. Thanks Judy

Barbara Brackman said...

Fixed the links (I hope)

Merilyn said...

Oh my! I feel very humbled that you have chosen to feature my blocks on your blog.......I now have the sashing fabric, but will have to wait for my days off before I can turn these blocks into a flimsy.....I have thoroughly enjoyed this 'Westering' journey and I fell in love with that fabric line......the larger florals are pure gorgeousness.....the backing will feature a couple of the colourways of those florals.......thankyou again for all that you do to inspire us.....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the recap. Nice to have a BOM I can keep up with.

SBM said...

My cousin is getting married. I asked her to pick from three fabric lines and her choice was the Cambridge!! In trying to find more of the fabric selection, I found this! I had a quilt pattern that she had picked out about a year ago BUT I am loving this! But she picked the other out so I am torn. I noticed there is a very light colored one but that does not seem to be in the fabric line...what did you use? I am having a hard time selecting one that goes with the flow of the colors of the Cambridge. Even if I do not use this quilt I will need some for the other pattern.
Thank you so much.
I plan on spending some time here reading it all and have shared it with others.

Barbara Brackman said...

SBM The big problem with using one line of fabric is the lack of range ---The collection tends towards dark or light. Paste this URL in your browser search box.

It's a link to a blog I do for the Fat Quarter Shop about repro fabrics. This one on shirting should give you lots of ideas for lights.

SBM said...

Dear Barbara,

Thank you so much for your rapid response. Those do give me ideas as to what to work with for the quilt.

When you ask a non-quilter about what they like it is always fun to see what they pick and how it mixes!

Take care!