Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Herbarium Pattern Posts: 2023 Applique BOM


The 2023 applique Block of the Month is Herbarium, above blocks from Becky Brown's lovely top.
She's using the "Official Set." See a post here and scroll down.

The stories are about students, teachers and the mid-19th century female science curriculum which
made "botanizing" popular --- probably influencing the affection for botanical applique.
Our 12 blocks are based on 8 similar quilts from perhaps the 1850s.
Click on the links below for the free pattern posts:

Kathy Suprenant's #1 Dahlia Wreath

Deanna Street's #2 White Oak

Jeanne Arnieri's #3 Starry Wreath

Matt Macomber's #4 Poplar Flower

Elsie Ridgley's #5 Clover Wreath

Denniele Bohannon's #6 Grape

Nat Palaska's #7 Wreath of Rosebuds

Susie Mullins's #8 Poke Berries & True Lover's Knot
You get 2 this month in case you need 13 blocks for a diagonal set.

Becky Collis's #9 Laurel 

Deanna Street's #10 Strawberry Wreath

Elsie Ridgley's # 11 Wood Bine

See the introduction with fabric ideas and information about the inspiration quilts here:

Here's our Facebook group Herbarium Quilts where you can post pictures and see what other readers are up to.

And if you'd like to have all the patterns ahead of time you can buy them at my Etsy shop:

But don't post any pix until the pattern's up.

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