Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Herbarium #11: Wood Bine For the Tool of the Trade

Herbarium #11: Wood Bine for the Tools of the Trade by Becky Collis

"Wood Bine," is the name embroidered on the botanical sampler in the collection of the Shelburne Museum. 

The plant looks like what we out here in Kansas call Bindweed, Convolvulus, an unwelcome guest in the garden. The botanist however, is not necessarily a gardener. She collects what she comes across and enjoys the variety in the hardy weed.

Wood Bine by Kathy Suprenant

A pair of botanizers 
She may be gathering flowers for their decorating possibilities but
he is a serious botanizer. Evidence: his vasculum.

Painted tin vasculum, a container
to protect one's finds in the field.

You could probably imprison butterflies you
caught with your net in there too.

Wood Bine by Denniele Bohannon

A vasculum is a container for carrying specimens. The word comes
from the Latin for a small vessel --- as in one's vascular system of blood vessels.

Wood Bine by Becky Brown

The Block

Remarkably, all 8 vintage samplers have similar versions of the Wood Bine with leaves,
 buds and florals on a double loop.

Robyn Gragg redrafted the woodbine for the corners of her Gloria.


Deanna said...

Gorgeous quilts!!!

Dawn Cooper said...

Is there a second page for the pattern?

Barbara Brackman said...

No Dawn. All the parts should be there. It's a pretty simple reversed design.