Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Civil War Quilts For Sale


A couple of weeks ago I typed the words Civil War Quilt in ebay's search feature and got 54 hits; about half were reproductions and repro fabrics (good place to buy some.)

But 26 were purported to be quilts either from the Civil War era, in "Civil War colors" or with souvenirs like ribbons or scraps of Civil War uniforms.

Eleven of those seemed somewhat accurate.

Fifteen seemed far-fetched or downright manipulative. The worst offender this Double Wedding Ring--- "vintage Civil War"---Do not pay $422 for a quilt made about 30 years ago in China.

Those edges with no binding (back & front turned in) are a good
clue to a late 20th-century quilt imported from China.

There always seems to be a wool quilt "made of scraps of Civil War uniforms."
This one is $149----
No documentation, oral history, uniform specialist's opinion, etc.

Now I know you regular readers are not going to fall for any of this
and misleadingly advertised quilts are certainly not the most dangerous lies on the internet.

But, oh, it makes me mad!

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Nann said...

People with more money than sense plunk down $$ for these.