Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sets for the Summer

Has 63 blocks done.
She plans to make 27 more = 90!

I love the subdued pink and blue color scheme and the side by side set.
I've been saving pictures over the summer and I can't remember what I've posted or not.

I (me personally) am done with the book I hope. I proof read it once again a few weeks ago---I hope that's the last time and that no mistakes have escaped me or the eagle-eyed editors. Now the artist will finish up the pages and then send it off to the printers. It should be out at the end of December.

 So now I have time to collect more sets and block photos.

Kathy in Canada had her blocks up on the wall and
 I see she used a similar rather controlled palette.

Karen has hers set and quilted. The blue sashing and border give it a true blue look.

The last time I looked AnneEliza was hand quilting hers.

The QuiltingBearGal has her top set with a bright yellow accent.

PatchGarden has used a completely different palette.

And Lillian of Lillian's cupboard has given her top to it's rightful owner who seems quite happy to have it.