Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Atlanta Garden for Quilt Shops


This year's pieced BOM here at CivilWarQuilts is Atlanta Garden
with the historical theme of the siege of Atlanta during the Civil War.
We are up to block number eight in August.
Twelve are scheduled.

Blocks are simple nine patches and Martha in her Nocturne above is setting them with the official set---
another plain nine-patch with center cross the same size as all the blocks. She's interpreting the unhappy history of the nighttime bombing of the city's gardens in color and print.

Isobel Loftus: Alternate crosses with three monthly patterns

Shawn and other readers are piecing their blocks in reproduction prints echoing the time of the Atlanta siege and Carrie Berry's diary.

I welcome shops to use these copyright-free BOM's as series programs over the year. They might want to buy a set of patterns at my Etsy shop (PDFs) and then print them out for customers who enroll in kit programs over the year.
See the Etsy listing here:

Or keep up with the free monthly block posts at on the second Wednesdays in 2023.

Click on this link:

Civil War Quilts: Atlanta Garden: Links to Free Patterns

Elsie's Block # 3

Now Civil War-era quiltmakers had never seen a William Morris floral (he began designing about 1870) but we are selling fabric here! So like many movie set decorators we can fudge a bit on historical accuracy and use these popular prints in the nine-patch blocks where they really get a chance to show off.

Morris wallpaper in the Orchard House set in Greta Gerwig's Little Women film.
 In 1865 Louisa May Alcott and Jo March had no idea what was just over the decorating horizon.
Our latest Morris collection Morris Meadow

And besides Morris's prints are so pretty.

But you might want to kit up two sets, one in a period print like Minick &Simpson's Union Square and another in the Morris Meadow line.

Debbie Grisanti's doing her Atlanta Garden in period repros.

Martha's Nocturne

Decorator Joanna Gaines has done a lot lately to influence a Morris
wallpaper revival. Here's the bedroom at her Waco Castle...
Morris quilts to fit the decor.

We have a popular public Facebook group where readers show off their progress:

Next year we'll be doing another fairly simple pieced BOM on the blog. Washington Whirlwind
will tell the story of the Lincoln White House and its occupants. 

And we'll have a new Morris collection in 2024.


Martha said...

I'm blushing at finding my blocks at the top of the post! Thanks! (There is a typo in my name, the first s should be an a...) But never mind, also thrilled to see new Morris lines and a BOM arriving.
I recently had the good fortune of obtaining an older C&T book from a friend purging her library that's called William Morris in Appliqué by Michelle Hill c2009. Author is Australian. Wonder if you've ever seen it?

Barbara Brackman said...

Will fix your name. Michelle has made some wonderful quilts.