Saturday, June 17, 2017

Quilts Buried With the Silver #3

Quilt in the collection of the Ohio Historical Society.

This is not an Ohio quilt. At first glance the cut-out chintz applique
looks to be a Southern quilt. The caption confirms that regional origin.

"Quilt made of cotton chintz dates from 1815-1840 and was possibly made in North Carolina."

When the donor gave this quilt in 1979 she told this story.
"Nathan Farmin, a Union soldier, found the quilt during a foraging expedition in North Carolina in 1861 and sent it north. He found it in a chest that had been buried."

Burying the quilt did not keep it safe. But the tale gives us more confirmation that quilts were indeed buried in trunks. And this one survived rather well.
No reports of silver.

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Suzanne A said...

Beautiful quilt. Interesting that there is no Nathan Farmin listed in National Parks Service Soldiers & Sailors Database for either Union or Confederacy. There is also no Farmin by any 1st name from Ohio. I also couldn't get your link under "See the quilt at the Ohio quilt connection" to work. Could you check that please or give directions as to how to bring the quilt up in a Google search? I want to follow up;-)

Barbara Brackman said...

Try going to and search the collections for Farmin.

Suzanne A said...

Thanks Barbara, will do. I'm searching soldiers for spelling variations, have come up with a Nathan Furman b. 1837 who served in the 48 PA Inf and the Veterans Reserve Corps. Will keep looking. Civil War soldiers service records often have misspelled names or first names or initials only when the man was known by a middle or other name.

Anonymous said...

Some quilts have had a VERY interesting life! I'm glad this one was preserved. It's a beauty.

Danice G said...

Another beautiful quilt that has stood the test of time. So glad that it still exists :)