Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Flags & Baskets & Flags

Danice has finished Block #5
The Union Basket

And Vrooman's Quilts is on her way.

A few more flags from mid-19th-century albums.
Fitting a flag into a square, nicely done in
Mary Nevius Potter's album at the Newark Museum

Geometry based on five.
Not always easy.
Susan B. Rogers's quilt at the Smithsonian.

Wish I could see what is in the corers of this one from
a pre-war Rockland County, New York sampler.

Next Wednesday, June 28th, Block 6.

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Kristi said...

Nice job everyone!! I've been travelling with family in Yellowstone, so I haven't started on my basket block. Hoping to have time this coming week to get started!