Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Digital Train Wreck

My digital pattern business has been a virtual train wreck this past few weeks.

At least for patterns 5-8 of Yankee Diary.

And it's all my fault. I went on vacation.

First I tried to get everything organized in a mad rush before I went to Spain for two weeks. So I mis-numbered the blocks.

If you ordered a PDF or paper pattern for Blocks 5-8 you may notice that the patterns go:

9 is really 8. So just cross out that 9 and write 8. Easy enough to fix.

I tired to fix it in the pattern file when I got back but I was so jet-lagged I have not been able to think straight for a week.
So I uploaded the wrong file. I think I have finally fixed that and everybody who wanted a PDF got the right file...
In which the patterns are numbered 5-8.

If I were you I'd ignore me for another week.


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Relax, take a nap and dream about your memories of Spain!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Aren't computers fun?!?! Take a rest, then fix it. At least nothing like your pictures has happened.

Rina Spina said...

Hope you enjoyed your vacation, we were sooo close, just a swim across the Mediterranean Sea and you will get to Sicily! Lol.
My family and I will leave for Houston on June 20, and already my husband is getting crazy thinking of jet-lag :((
I'm a night owl person, so I don't mind, just excited about this trip.
Take time to rest!
Always thank you for your posts!

Nancy said...

Ignore you for another week? No way. How about seven days? LOL

lissa said...

Hope you had a wonderful time in Spain!

Suzanne A said...

Is that photo showing the train cars that fell off the elevated line of a wreck that occurred in New York City (if you know).

BTW I heard from the wife of a descendant of Emma Housh Hurd who is going to the "family farm" soon and will look for anything relating to Emma and let me know what she finds. Fingers crossed for a photo of Emma or other needlework, etc.

Bella Pink said...

LUV your photos! You are so funny/clever. Thanks for the laugh....arden