Tuesday, July 4, 2017

More Flags For Inspiration

Yale Engine Company Quilt, Smithsonian

It's the Fourth of July, the annual celebration of
 Independence from our colonial masters.
This one from the NMAH at the Smithsonian

In designing the Yankee Diary quilt I looked at a lot
of mid-19th-century samplers with patriotic blocks.
Here are a few examples of flags fit into some small blocks for album quilts.

Margaret Day's Sampler, Smithsonian

Another solution for a rectangular flag in a quilt of
square blocks.

We're finished making flags for this year's Block of the Month.
But these rejected flags might inspire you to make your own sampler.

 Nickols collection at the Mingei Museum.

 Baltimore Album classic

Another Baltimore album, a mourning flag over
Watson's grave. Photo from Julie Silber.

Maybe the 1870s

Corner of a silk Star of Bethlehem
Kansas City Museum

From the Houston Museum of Fine Arts:
Red white and green

This one from Julie Silber's inventory in red, yellow and green.

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WoolenSails said...

Wonderful examples of flag quilts, love patriotic pieces.
I hope you had a wonderful fourth.