Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lincoln's Monument Quilt Pattern

A Monument Quilt
from Julie Silber's Inventory

Newspapers and magazine offered Exchange columns in which readers offered to trade or sell items, for example advertising cards for yard goods.

In 1889 Maria J. Hains wrote the National Tribune that she'd send readers a quilt pattern called Lincoln's Monument for 25 cents. Hains of Osborn, Missouri, mentioned she was the invalid wife of a veteran of the 75th Indiana.

Her husband may have been Corporal Adam Haines, Company K of the 75th Indiana Infantry, who is buried in Osborn, east of St Joseph, Missouri.

Maria's 1889 ad in the National Tribune, the newspaper for Union veterans in the G.A.R., might have resulted in some patterns sold and quilts made, but what the pattern looked like is unknown

Garfield's Monument,
possibly from Farm & Home, early 1880s

Other monument designs from the time period may have been similar. The published names with pictures that I've found memorialized Presidents Grant and Garfield who died in 1885 and 1881.

Garfield's Monument #136 from the Ladies Art Company
about 1890

Grant's Monument Quilt Block,
source unknown.

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In the photo of the headstone, I noticed immediately, The Pocahontas Tribe marker. The Pocahontas Tribe was and is, the women's Aux. of the Improved Order of The Red Men and was started in 1885. The Improved Order of The Red Men is the oldest fraternal organization in America. Interesting!