Sunday, July 11, 2021

Hands All Around Free BOM Patterns 2021

The Introduction with Yardage

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Each month on the last Wednesday in 2021 there was a post here on CivilWarQuilts for a free pieced star design, a Block-of-the-Month series about the Civil War and Louisa May Alcott's family and friends in Concord, Massachusetts.

Hands All Around by Becky Brown
Traditional Nine-Patch Star Designs

Each month's pattern post also included a set design for the star sampler.

We have a Facebook group too. Ask to join, we'll let you in.

Below are links to the pattern posts.

#1 by Susan
#1: Hidden Nine Patch for Abigail May Alcott

The Set: Alternate, unpieced blocks.

#2 by Charlene

#2 Missouri Star For Bronson Alcott
The Set: Improved Nine Patch
Denniele Bohannon's Pattern

#3 by Ann

#3 Anna's Choice for Anna Alcott

The Set: Orchard Strips

#4 by Laura

#4 Hands All Around for Louisa May Alcott

The Set: Periwinkle Wreath

#5 by Heidi

#5 Star Puzzle for Elizabeth Alcott

The Set: Offset With a Missing Block

#6 by Bobbie

#6 Open Window for May Alcott

The Set: Lucky Stars

#7 by Cindy
#7 Whirlwind for Ellen Garrison Clark
(Note: I switched numbers, this is #11 in the pattern PDF.)

The set: Concord Star

#8 by Debbie 
#8 Variable Star for Sarah Sanborn

The Set: Quilt of Many Stars

#9 by Cindy
#9 Hemstitch for Sophia Peabody Hawthorne

The Set: Wayside

#10 by France

#10 Crown of Thorns for Annie Brown

The Set: Christmas Gifts

#11 by Erica

#11 Indian Star for Alf Whitman

The Set: Western Star

#12 by Brenda

#12 Brown Goose/Gray Goose for Ednah Dow Cheney

The Set: New England Granite
Extra Set Ideas:

Monument Square


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