Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Antebellum Albums: A Sampler of Samplers

From the Massachusetts project & the Quilt Index

Each month I post an antique sampler or two with the monthly block.

From an online auction in 2002

I chose the twelve blocks in this years B.O.M. from my files of pictures of signature sampler quilts with pieced blocks.

From the Oxford Female Academy in Chester County, Pennsylvania,
Collection of the Chester County Historical Society

 I have a lot larger file of antebellum albums that are predominantly appliqued---but pieced is the theme.

I picked twelve pieced blocks that I saw with some frequency, ignoring the
quirky blocks that seem one of a kind.

Quilt from the Robbins family dated 1842-1843, Gloucester County,
New Jersey project & the Quilt Index.

Although quirky blocks would be a great topic for a B.O.M.

Quilt for Sophia Blake Sawyer,
Collection of Historic New England
No spirals, ever!

I didn't choose popular blocks that required show-off piecing either.

Quilt from the Sykes family, New Jersey, DAR Museum

Although show-off piecing would also be a good B.O.M

Tried to keep the set-in seams (Y-seams) to a minimum.

From the Massachusetts project & the Quilt Index

A B.O.M. with all Y-seam blocks might be good
for personal growth but probably not going to have a lot
of stitchers quilting along.

For George Washington Reed, 1846, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
from a Bonham's auction

Section of a quilt shown in the Baltimore Sun
from their morgue.

So be aware I am looking out for you in choosing
the twelve blocks. 

1) Popular in pieced samplers.
2) Not so hard that there is crying involved.
(either for me in drawing the pattern or you in piecing the block)


Suzanne A said...

Please, please do a BOM of "Quirky Blocks That Seem One of a Kind"!! Put up a selection of blocks and let us vote for our favorites or pick from them to make our own "Seems One of a Kind" quilt. Love your idea.

Dorry said...

Who were you looking out for when you added the inked flourishes is my question?! There's always lots to take away from what you serve up for us Barbara. And at the end of the day it makes all of us better at what we do. Thanks for continuing to challenge us to improve our skills.

krislovesfabric said...

I adore the idea of a quirky block bom, what fun!! Hope you consider it :)

Barbara Brackman said...

Dorry. Don't forget i am at heart a special ed teacher. Working on your basic skills.

Judy Cloe said...

I enjoyed looking at these quilts and seeing the blocks you selected for the Antebellum Album quilt that we have already made. I tried to guess which might be the other blocks we will be getting from you. Hopefully no more Y seams!

siamkitty said...

I'm going to sit down with graph paper and pencil tonight and see what happens when that wonderful triangle block is continued outwards into a full-sized quilt. One of my favorite things to do with quilt blocks.

Rosa said...

Wow, anyone is just fantastic.I`m a lover of sampler quilts!

andrewmathew said...

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