Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Block # 2: Some Virtual Quilts

Paula M

Kim D.

I pulled a few of  the second block Lend & Borrow from our Facebook group and made
them consistent by squaring them up and changing the
shading to a consistent light.

Lisa J.


Marsha B.

Laura G.

Susan V.

I collected quite a few of these digital blocks

And made a virtual quilt. 
Here are 30 set with the dark side up
60" x 72"

Rotate them.
16 blocks - 48" square
Quite effective

The problem with these blocks by different stitchers: 
they might be slightly different sizes and matching those triangles
up might be a pain (even digitally.)

I'd be better off with sashing.

And even better off with a busy sashing


Susie H said...

Very cool. Love the scrappiness you made with all these blocks by different quilters!

Judy said...

I just wish your blocks had a little better directions. I may not be able to follow along.