Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Fussy Cutting & Problem Solving

Cindy B
Block 3 is turning out quite nicely
with several posting pictures of fussy cutting
inspired by our model makers.

Becky fussy cut both center and points.

Delaine and Lisa fussed with the star points
with the center in a supporting role.

Pat focused the center.

Billie Ann

Nancy P



And Mark reminds us he appliqued the center.
There is no cheating in patchwork.
It's all FAIR.

In the spirit of problem solving:
Teddy Bear's Mama posted her solution to the set-in seams dilemma.
She used a pattern for a 12" pieced variable star. 
Here's 2138a
from BlockBase

She changed the center by
adding squares over her center D that is cut to 6-1/2"
You'd want to use this quick cutting method to create the octagon.

See this how-to I did for a 5" finished block.

For a 6" finished block you'd cut 4 squares for the corners: 2-1/2" 
Stitch and trim.
Very clever, TBM


Judy said...

Thank you, thank you!! Now I can do the block.

Lizzy D said...

I enjoyed doing this block in my blue 12" version and the 9" brights with the goats that you show here. Coming from a garment sewing background I didn't find the Y seams difficult. So many great versions here, inspiring!

Lizzy [Sunny / gone to the beach]

Mary said...

Hello Barbara, I have just gotten with the Antebellum Album project and have completed sewing blocks 1 and 2. I will photo them and post them soon. I just wanted to say thank you for all your wonderful historical information. You have inspired me to start reading a historical fiction book called "Spy of Richmond" by Jocelyn Green. As a Yankee transplanted to Richmond, Virginia, I have a lot to learn about the "War of Northern Aggression" from a Southern's point of view, and a lot to learn about Richmond, Virginia's part in the War. Thank you again for your stories and your patterns. I want to live in the same retirement home with you! We'll be sewing and talking quilts and history into the sunset ;-)
Mary in Richmond, Virginia

Rina Spina said...

Every blocks is so cute, I like how everybody solve the problems along this journey in different ways. My block #3 is still in progress due to many guests I have this month. Hope to finish it before you’ll post next block ; )

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

These fussy cut blocks are knocking my socks off! Gorgeous. And nice alternative block too. Quilters are great problem solvers. Meanwhile I’ve done my block, but fairly clumsily... and I also find myself rethinking my color palette for this project... problems to solve... thank you Barbara for the history lessons and fun along the way!

cocoya said...

it causes me to wonder what happened to all the stuff that did not sell as well. Only four days for a two week anticipated bazar?


Barbara said...

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