Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Threads of Memory: PDFs and Paper Patterns

You may recall the Threads of Memory Sampler Block of the Month we did here in 2014.

Each month featured an original star design on the Civil War theme of the Underground Railroad.

One of Dustin's stars

Lots of you stitched the 12" blocks---original pieced stars--- named for important places from Britain to Lancaster County where the UGRR network assisted slaves on the road to freedom.


Jo Tokla's Threads of Memory

Becky and I did several set designs. Many, like Jo, made up your own version.

Jean Stanclift's version with stars in the sashing cornerstones.

Becky Brown's, pieced in my Ladies' Album repro fabric line.

I published the patterns here on the CivilWarQuilts blog with any templates in JPG format. Over the years I've had requests for pattern reprints. Some quilters want a PDF with all the pattern information on one page that they can print out. 

Others ask for a paper pattern to be mailed to them.

Here's a sample of the b&w paper pattern 
sheet you'd get in the mail.

This cold December I've had the time to reprint the patterns in those two formats and post them to my Etsy shop. You can buy an instantly downloadable PDF with the 12 patterns and a few set ideas. Or you can order a paper pattern for those sheets, sent through the mail.
Each pattern package contains 15 pages:
  • patterns for the 12" blocks with rotary cutting & templates as needed, 
  • Introduction
  • Yardage sheet 
  • Setting suggestions
Patchwork of Life
The instructions include this unpieced sashed set.

The pattern sheets do NOT contain the story. I'll keep the Underground Railroad history stories posted up here on the blog. Each pattern sheet gives you a link to that extended history of people and places. The blog also shows you many quilts completed by readers who sewed along in 2014.

Here's a link to the list:

Go to my Etsy Shop to purchase these. There are two listings,
one for a paper format, one for a downloadable PDF.

PDF $15 US
Paper Patterns $22.50 US

And if you absolutely want to do things the old-fashioned way you can order the paper patterns by sending me an email.

The price for the paper patterns is $22.50, which includes US postage. 
World wide postage: Add $5.
You can pay me with a check in the mail. (I'll tell you where to send it.)
Or Pay-Pal. (I'll tell you where to post it.)

Madison Star by Becky Brown

Block with curved piecing by Jean Stanclift
I’d rate the blocks as a requiring a little more skill than a beginner would have. The piecing could be a challenge but many readers reported stretching their limits and learning new techniques such as curved piecing and paper piecing.

Nonie's version of a block with curved piecing
(and some spectacular fussy-cutting)

The Blocks
1 Portsmouth Star
2 Mercer County Star
3 New Garden Star
4 Canada Star
5 Madison Star
6 Salem Star
7 Oberlin Star
8 Jacksonville Star
9 Lancaster Star
10 Britain's Star
11 St Charles Star
12 Rochester Star


Here are the links to the two formats:
Instant download PDF

Paper through the mail:

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