Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A Show of Hospital Sketches Quilts---2022

My Hospital Sketches top is done. Here it is with the scrappy border
and an extra Dot. It's on its way to quilter Lori Kukuk who will make
it look really good.

I have two and a half years to get it bound as a museum curator has asked if we'd like to have a show of our quilts in the summer of 2022. I said, "Yes, indeed."

Seven Sisters Quilting from Instagram

Space will be limited so we will have a juried exhibit. I'll keep you posted over the next 2-1/2 years.You know how good our collective memory is. Two and a half years!!!

Wendy Caton Reed's doing hers potholder style, quilting
& binding each block.
She'll be done soon.

Why don't you write me a note at now and tell me you want to be reminded in about 18 months that you'd like us to consider your quilt for the show. I'll keep a list and remind you.

Diana Quinn

I'll also post about it here in a year or two ---- Stay tuned.

Karrin Capps Hurd

Lisa Wagner

Most pictures from our Facebook page. I think it would be smart to keep this page for next year's applique too.


Wendy Caton Reed said...

They are all wonderful! I especially like the extra "Dot" on yours! Best quilt-a-long ever!

Lee said...

how do i get in touch with Barbara?????
ref a very old quilt.
PLEASE contact me.

Lee 281 787 7955

Kerry said...

They are all super. Can you tell me where the pattern is for the extra Dot? Actually I think we'd all like an extra Dot!

Well done to all. xx

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

What a show that will be!

Barbara Brackman said...

Oh no, you don't want that extra Dot. She's a bit stubborn as you can see.

Kerry said...


Video Teraveloka said...

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JustGail said...

All of these look sooooo gooooood! These are making it difficult to avoid joining FB!

So, IF one were to break down and join FB, would I have to actually be making your lovely patterns to join the group? Or is looking and drooling at what others are doing, while thinking to myself "you could be making this instead of looking at FB" allowed? Just asking, as I have quite a few other projects in queue before I'm ready to tackle this one...

JustGail said...

Sentimental flashback for me - If I had that quilt top spread out, my extra would have parked all of himself perfectly in the center of that center block. And then looked quite proud of himself at the accomplishment. I'm not sure if that was his way of saying "well done!" or "it's about time you finished this for me!". Both?

Barbara Brackman said...

JustGail --- you can just look. Never have to comment. Never have to sew a stitch.

Taylor Bara said...

Looks good! I'm gonna share this page with the rest of my friends!