Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ribbons and Ribbon Badges

Queen Victoria's birthday celebration souvenir on the right,
a Union Army reunion on the left.
Canadian ribbons?

See more quilts with ribbons in last week's post.

We call them ribbons but I realized that they
were called "ribbon badges" or just "badges" at
the turn of the last century when they were popular.

Ribbon quilt with many political and reunion badges.

Paterson Ribbon Ltd Patterson NJ
printed this ribbon. You can see their signature at the top

As late as the mid-1930s the terms were "ribbon badges" or "badges." Carrie Hall quoted a story about a quilt of badges gathered at General Grant's funeral.

Once you know what to call them you can find a good deal of information about these commemorative badges.

The Confederate Veteran magazine advised branch members:
"It is recommended that ribbon badges be provided for reunion and ceremonial occasions. They can be executed in such designs as may be desired. White, red and gold, in the materials and in the lettering, should however, be used as far as possible. "
They listed four dealers in Ribbon Badges

Whitehead and Hoag in Newark was a large supplier.

These silk ribbon badges were quite common when silk was cheap
between 1880 and 1910.
What better place to preserve the badges than in a quilt?

A manufacturers' directory lists Badge makers.

Advertising ribbon badges for an
1896 Confederate reunion in Richmond

Hart’s Battery Reunion of Hampton’s Legion, Richmond, 1896

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Vermont Quilt Festival Winners: More Reproduction Quilts

Marsha Malloy of Massachusetts
won first prize for Best Use of Reproduction Fabrics
at the June Vermont Quilt Festival.

And Theresa Tiburzi of Maryland won the Founder's Award
for her reproduction of  the quilt below in the collection
of the Shelburne Museum.

I bet she used the Hoopla pattern:

Congratulations to the winners!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Reunion Ribbon Quilts

You couldn't have a Civil War Reunion without souvenir ribbons.

 113th Illinois Reunion in Palatine, Illinois

Many were saved in crazy quilts

This spectacular example is from the collection of 
Dr. Roy Egan of Pittsburgh.

A Pennsylvania Keystone with Pennsylvania ribbons

Connecticut Woman's Relief Corps
Connecticut State Library

The block at the top of the page contains women's ribbons.

Block in the shape of the symbol of the 
Woman's Relief Corps

One can guess that the quilt was made from ribbons
collected at various reunions---perhaps by one very well-traveled person
or a group.

The Witcher Brothers, Texas

But what about these quilts made from repeats of the same ribbon?

Quilt top made from 1889 ribbons from
a G.A.R, Reunion in Kearney, Nebraska

Made for Elijah Henry Clay Clavins of the 14th Indiana Volunteer Regiment.
Indiana Historical Society

Could someone have ordered a supply of souvenir
ribbons and been left with excess inventory?

See Maggie Frentz's quilt made of repeats of political ribbons at this post:

Quilt with lace edge pieced of multiple James Garfield and Winfield Hancock ribbons
after the 1880 campaign. They were rivals. Garfield won.
Detail of a similar quilt made with Grover Cleveland and James Blaine
ribbons (1884 campaign). The maker had more winner than loser ribbons.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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