Saturday, December 31, 2011

53 Union Shield

Union Shield
by Becky Brown
Becky used striped fabric.

Because there are 53 Saturdays in 2011 we have 53 blocks. You might want to repeat this one for the corners. It's an original design I drew because I noticed how popular appliqued shields were during the 1860s and '70s, but found no pieced versions.

Shield from a sampler than looks to be
from the late in the 19th century

See a blog post about appliqued shields here on my main blog:

Union Shield
By Rosemary Youngs
Rosemary made her own stripes.

Union canteen
The image was popular during the War to represent the Union. 

I think these were called earbobs at the time.

Parcheesi board about 1880
Shields remain popular as a symbol of the country.

Cutting an 8'' Finished Block

Here's a link to a PDF with the templates:
A  Cut a background square 2 7/8'' x 2 7/8'' . Cut  in half diagonally, creating 2 triangles.

B  Cut a starry blue rectangle 8 1/2'' x 3 1/4''. Trim using template B.

C  Cut a background rectangle 4 3/4'' x 6 1/4''. Cut into two triangles from corner to corner with one cut. This is also on the template page.

D  Cut a striped red fabric into a rectangle  9'' x 5 7/8''. The stripes should run parallel to the short sides. Use template D to trim into a rectangle.

Repeated blocks make a patriotic miniquilt.

Alternated with the pieced star in week #41.
The shield goes right to the edge of the block so
sashing provides a little visual space around it.

Here's a mockup without sashing I made from photos of Becky's blocks.

This is the last of the blocks, but not the last of the posts. I'll keep you updated with pictures of finished quilts and news on the book and new Civil War reproduction fabric lines. Subscribe through email (see top left) and you'll get a note when there's a new post.

The shield just seems perfect the way it is but there were other drafts.

Here's an idea that was rejected.

Happy New Year.


susis quilts said...

dear barbara ,thank you so much for 53 wonderful saturdays,and a happy new year,susi from germany

sewprimitive karen said...

Happy New Year, Barbara; thank you so much for this series. This quilt is one of my favorites. Love the shield. Glad that there will be more posts on this blog.

The Civil War Quilter said...

It's been a great year of informative and fun posts. Thank you! Glad to hear that there will be more coming!Happy New Year!

Rosemary Youngs said...

Happy new year Barbara, just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful year full of quilt blocks, history and a great quilting adventure.

Claudia Hieber said...

Dear Barbara,
Thank you so much fir this wonderful idea!
My Top is finished now,ready for handquilting!


Eileen said...

Love Union quilts...... beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Barbara, for a wonderful year full of history lessons and blocks. I have completed my block and have posted it on my blog along with a how-to.

Becky in VA said...

There is no way I could have known on January 1, 2011 what I was getting into with joining an on-line quilting project! I can't really think of the right words, if there are any, to tell you all how special this year has been because of this quilt project and the many wonderful quilters I now call friends.

I especially want to thank Dustin for being the person to jump right in and get our group on Flickr, and for his patience while I learned how to use it. :-)

It will be fun to begin 2012 by seeing finished tops or tops in progress!! I know we will keep sharing our photos and enjoying not only Barbara's knowledge but her humor.

Wishing each and everyone of you a wonderful New Year filled with good health, happiness and lots of sewing!!!

I'm glad to be included in this Circle of Friends!

susan said...

Thank you for a wonderful year of blocks and history lessons. Happy New Year to everyone following the Civil War blog.

Jacque Wright said...

So sorry to see this end. Loved getting up each Saturday morning to find a new block. We're all so spoiled. Barbara, you're definitely gonna have to start another on-line project for us!

luv2quilt2 said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful year of blocks. I'm so anxious to finish up my versions and put the final quilt together. I'm glad you'll be doing more posts; I've looked forward to them every week.

Candy said...

Thanks so much for this blog. My husband and I have always had a fascination for the Civil War. This quilt was a natural project. I'm proud to say that I've kept up with the blocks and can't wait to see my finished project. Saturday mornings will not be the same.
This barely put a dent in my CW another project would be vey welcome! :-). Looking forward to the book. It will be the perfect companion for the quilt.


Pip said...

Thank you Barbara for a wonderful year, I have learnt a lot, met many nice people ( both online and in the flesh) and will have a wonderful quilt to show off before too long.
Thanks also to Dustin for starting the Flickr group and keeping that going through the entire year, I'm going to really miss reading about my Sunday morning quilt block.

Elinor said...

Thank you very much for this wonderful year 2011. I loved all the stories and all the blocks. I've learnt a lot about Civil War... and piecing blocks ! ;-)
Happy New Year, Barbara !
Best wishes from France,

Wilma said...

Hola BArbara, Muchas Gracias por presentar todo este trabajo, Interesante y Bello.
Feliz y Prospero Año Nuevo, con miles de Bendiciones, desde Venezuela.

Foxy Martha said...

My top is completed: 50 week's of blocks, off set with an Irish chain block. The back is pieced and included the three remaining weekly blocks. Off to the fabulous machine quilter this week and back in time for our guild's Feb. show where I am a featured quilter. Barbara, thank you. This was my first on-line project and I loved it. WOW history and fun sewing. I hope you do it again.

Foxy Martha said...

Thank you, thank you. My top is completed: 50 blocks offset with an Irish Chain block. The other three weekly blocks were incorporated into the back. The quilt will be off to the be quilted this week and back in time to be in our guild's Feb. show where I am a featured quilter. This was my first on-line project and I loved it; great history and happy sewing. Barbara, you are so gifted. I hope you do another on-line project.

Frauke said...

Thank for this wonderfull pattern , i still sewing these
excuse my Englisch
Frauke of North Germany
look on my Blog

Barbry said...

Barbara, thank you so much for such wonderful blocks and stories to go with them. After seeing my blocks (not yet a quilt) two of my friends have started sewing their own blocks. We met today to exchange fabric. May you have a blessed new year!

Cathy said...

Barbara, I just found your blog and I am going to do this for 2012. I missed it for 2011. Will your blog be here all year? My husband is a Civil War History buff...I love the reproduction prints, stories, and blocks and I am excited to do this project for the year!! My goal is to make the quilt for our bed. Thanks for all your effort and work put into this project and especially sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, thank you so much for all the work you have put into this project. I hope to start making the blocks in 2012 (just a tad late!) and am looking forward to experimenting with fabric and deciding how to set the blocks. Again thank you for all the wonderful information. Wish best wishes.

Bertie said...

Thank you Barbara, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories and will come back many times:))

Connie said...

Thanks Barbara for the blocks, i have enjoy doing them, i'm down to my last three blocks and will be ready to put them together. I cannot get the template to come up for the union shield, need help on this. .thanks!

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