Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Freedom's Friends: Pattern Post Links in 2022-23


Freedom's Friends
Blocks 1-12
Becky Brown

Links to the 2022-23 applique Block
of the Month patterns here at CivilWarQuilts.
The free patterns began in March, 2022 and were posted on the last Wednesday monthly,
running through next February, 2023.

Fairly simple applique, which leaves a lot of space---.
Something many are filling with more applique, dots being popular.

#1 Circle of Friends by Elly VD
(She is following the pattern!)

Click on the links to see the free patterns (no dots) posted monthly on the last Wednesday of each month beginning last March.

A Circle of Friends
Block #1 by Denniele Bohannon

Quaker Finery
Block #2 by Becky Brown

Wreath of Hearts
Block #3 by Deanna Street

The Dove
Block #4 by Elsie Ridgley

Society Rose
Block #5 by Georgann Eglinski

Canada Lily
Block #6 by Rebecca Scheckenburger

Honey Bee
Bock #7 by Denniele Bohannon

Friends & Relations
Block #8 by Elsie Ridgley

Pennsylvania Tulip
Block #9 by Georgann Eglinski

Birds of a Feather
#10 By Becky Brown

Apple Pie
Block #11 Willeke van Toorn.jpg

Bitternut Hickory
Block # 12 by Sharon A. Bennett

The Introduction tells you a little about the inspiration:

Here's our Facebook group: Freedom'sFriendsQuiltBOM. It's public so you can join or not.

If you'd like to buy all the patterns now for $12 in a PDF to print yourself here's a link to my Etsy shop:

And don't forget Robyn Gragg's version---unscripted by me:

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