Saturday, January 22, 2022

Starry Crazy

Detail of a crazy quilt dated 1901
Collection of the Sharlot Hall Museum in Arizona
The white cat and pink squirrel catch your eye but there's 
also a representation of a Grand Army of the Republic badge.

Grand Army of the Republic Badge
And a lot of stars....
Was it a G.A.R. quilt?

Also: symbols often seen on crazy quilts like cranes and shoes
and chickens.

And bulldogs, but a lot of stars.

The Arizona Quilt Project recorded this star-spangled quilt.
Sharlot Mabridth Hall (1870-1943)
I thought Sharlot Hall was a place but I see it's a woman. Journalist Sharlot Hall saved a place, the Arizona Governor's Mansion now named for her, the Sharlot Hall Museum

And they own the quilt.

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QuiltGranma said...

Hmmm, interesting things to add to my Crazy Quilt, once i get it started. Thanks.