Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Sets for American Stars B.O.M.

Elsie's the first to get her American Stars Block #1 finished.
She says she is working out of her stash.

We should be thinking ahead to sets. Here are some basics.

Set 12 blocks finishing to 12" side by side and
you get a 36" x 48" field of patchwork.


48" x 63"
Add 3" finished sashing strips & cornerstones.

Denniele's plan:
13 star blocks
12 alternate pieced blocks
1-1/2" finished sash and cornerstones
With a 2-1/2 " finished border that is 71" square.


You need 13 blocks for an on-point setting to get a 51" square quilt.

Cut 4 corner triangles by cutting 2 squares 9.375" (9-3/8")

Cut 8 edge triangles by cutting 2 squares 18-1/4"


60" Square

Beyond the basics: 
11 blocks set a little off key with lots of room for 
border prints or fancy quilting.

More ideas may occur.


Jeanne said...

Time to start doing a little planning :)

Denniele said...

So many great options again this time. I like that Off Key setting.....but which block to leave out????

Tina Sheppard said...

Put the last block on the back

sewsandquilts said...

To the Off-Key set (the last one) add two blocks (for a total of 13.) Put one on each side, so that all four sides are the same. Use the half-open seam method to attach the sides (same as you would do for constructing a Bright Hopes block.) There would still be plenty of space for some fancy quilting or applique in the four borders.

sewsandquilts said...

In my suggestion above, you would need 4 plain border pieces finishing 12" x 36" each.

PinkDeenster said...

I’d add the 12th block on the bottom left and use all twelve blocks. Just might try it!

Elsie Ridgley said...

The Off Key option is interesting. I have chosen the On Point option and have searched Block Base Plus for my 13th block.