Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Stars in a Time Warp Finishes

Sandy at MyMaterialCreations blog has finished her Stars
in a Time Warp quilt.

We finished posting the stars of various period reproduction prints
about a year and a half ago here. She's thought of various sets but
decided on one she liked from Cynthia's at Wabisabi Quilts.

Mark Lauer finished an all-stars, all-neon print version.

See the post on neons or black novelty prints here:

The binding. He's been collecting these brights
on black grounds for a while.

And Gladi Porsche won another prize with her "We Are Stardust"
 “Best Bed Quilt” at the Vermont Quilt Festival!!!

I found the picture of Gladi at the Fun with Barb blog:

Note Barb's pictures of Irene Vazalinskas's Shade Garden made from the Susan McCord pattern book that Karla Menaugh, Shauna Christensen and I published. We still have copies at our Etsy shop.


Lori said...

Gorgeous versions! It is on my to do list to finish this year.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

I love Mark's version! I wish "someone" would print more neons! Gladi's quilt is sensational in person. What a treasure!