Wednesday, July 4, 2018


5 Erica C
Some sunny yellow blocks in our Antebellum Album Series....

4 TeddyBear's Momma

6 Mark
Inspired perhaps by Mark's set of traditional red, green and yellow.

2 Mark

Basket quilt about 1880-1910
Yellows are hard to sell to quilters (as the fabric companies will tell you)
but every reproduction stash needs a lot of the color that's highest in value (chromatic value).

4 Kim

Peony quilt from about 1890-1920

Yellow is a challenge to use because as the highest color in the value scale
it's almost white. And you can't darken it too much because it becomes pea green.

Age has darkened the swatch in this old dye book to green.

So it takes a little work to get yellow into the composition. 

3 Billie Ann

5 Annette B's mini

4 Susan V
1 Ellen

And Sunny D.


Janie said...

I like Sunny D.'s set of blocks.
Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Barbara, I remember reading in a book years ago that you should always add a little yellow to your quilt (for sparkle, I think) and then some time later I had a lady tell me that her elderly relative said that you should never use yellow in a quilt. I can only surmise that is because some people are intimidated by it. I'm so glad that you are using yellow!