Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Civil War Club

The Civil War Club met last Friday at A Quilter's Oasis in Mesa, Arizona.
Kathy posted pictures of progress on the Antebellum Album sampler.
This pretty blue version looks smaller than the 12" blocks.

The regular size.

The club meets monthly---you can join any time.

The focus is reproduction prints and history.

Looks like fun.

I encourage shopowners to use this blog in classes and clubs.
There will be another series next year---applique sampler.
Some links for A Quilter's Oasis:

Next Wednesday: Block 7.


Susie H said...

Last year's encouraged me to join this year's and I'm looking forward to next year!

krislovesfabric said...

I look forward to the applique one :) thank you for your time and talents!!

Unknown said...

They look very pretty. I was looking for some Civil war period quilt pattern s. Miss Barbara, do you know if cathedral window pattern was present during the civil war.

Rina Spina said...

This is my third year of join in your BOM, and I couldn’t have been more happy. It’s a lot of fun on making the blocks and lots of interesting information about the civil war era.
Thank you Barbara!
Rina, in Italy.

Barbara Brackman said...

unknown...No cathedral window. folded patchwork more 1880s and later.