Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Social Media Sites: Antebellum Album Quilts

Me (or a close facsimile)

Trying to be more with-it lately I have been doing
some social mediating or whatever the proper verb is.

Here are some sites to post pictures from the quilt-alongs we've been doing:

Block 1: Wandering Lover
Judy C is using all Kaffe

Pinterest page I am using to keep track of links to each monthly block:

Lizzie at LittleJewelQuilts

Instagram: The tag: #antebellumalbumquilt

NC Gleason

Facebook page just for this project

And that page has a group, a select group. You request to join; I approve your request and I will try to do that quickly:

You can also search other people's pages by using the tag

Cathy at Big Lake Quilting

Flickr Group Civil War Quilts

Dorry ColvinKiwi

And just post them on your own blogs with the words
Antebellum Album Quilt and I can find them by doing a web search,
which is how I found some of these.


I keep a list over on the left here on this blog page but if you
view the posts as an email or on your phone you don't see that left hand column.

Jeanne @ Spiral

I love this photo I saw in an online auction.
 She looks perfectly set up for winter. 
  • Lots of warm clothing.
  • A good chair.
  • A sewing table well equipped. 
  • An interminable hand project to keep those arthritic fingers moving.
  • And some books behind her for later.
If she had a dog snoozing under the sewing table it would be perfect.


Wendy Caton Reed said...

What a fabulous photo! It looks a lot like my great aunt Etta although she was almost always smiling. She lived to be 104 so I think smiling through life really does help. I love all these blocks! Thanks for the links to all the social media sites. I saw Barbara Schaeffer's on her Blog this morning ( ) and it is sensational too! Hope I can get mine done before the next one is published!

Jeanne said...

I love your quilting lady -- a role model for the rest of us!
I'm trying to get going on your social media opportunities. (Sigh.)

CecileD said...

A dog ...or a cat ! :)))
Yes this picture is very touching....

Dorry said...

I compared the two photos hoping the quilter had cheered up after she saw all the lovely renditions of block 1 from the Antebellum Album. Alas, she had not. Hopefully Judy C has all the Kaffe fabric she needs since we may be in for a shortage. Thanks for including my block in this post. I'm off to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Fest next week hoping to see some Barbara Brackman BOM quilts.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great photo of you ;) Funny!

Lori said...

So many wonderful versions of this block!