Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Finishes BOMs from Years Past

Mary Ellen at Little Quilts has finished quilting her
2014 BOM Threads of Memory

And I found this version by Teddybears/mamabear

Liz at Gone to the Beach finished her Westering Women sampler from 2016. She made 16 blocks, adding to the twelve I posted here two years ago.

She thinks I should do more 20th-century history, but I'm stuck right now in the 19th-century compartment in the wayback machine. I think others should be telling their 20th-century family stories through quilts.

Liz is also doing this year's Antebellum Album. Here are some of her fabric ideas:

Post with links to the patterns:
Threads of Memory
Westering Women

And I've digitized both of them so check my Etsy shop. The Pattern Page:

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