Saturday, December 9, 2017

Lincoln in Quilts: Log Cabins, Flags and Roses

Silk quilt made with campaign ribbons featuring Abraham Lincoln
by Maggie Frentz, of New Albany, Indiana.

This fragile quilt takes a lot of room to display horizontally so the curators at the Indiana State Museum decided to give it a place of honor in it's own show---and then they invited some other Lincoln quilts for a Lincoln extravaganza this winter in Indianapolis.

Lincoln in Quilts: Log Cabins, Flags and Roses is at Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis through February 19, 2018.

Here's an honored guest on loan from Kent State University's Museum:

Elizabeth Keckley's silk quilt using scraps from
Mary Todd Lincoln's dresses.
Also featured, a Log Cabin quilt made by Mrs. William Latta of Indiana, with the family story that the black crepes were recycled from mourning drapery on the Indiana State House during Lincoln's nationwide funeral.

Embroidered Lincoln portrait quilt by Lucy Frost of Dubuque, Iowa

The Museum is showing their basket quilt with a Union flag by Martha McFeely Fry, which was the inspiration for Block #5 in this year's Yankee Diary quilt.

See a post about that quilt here:

The show looks to be a feast for Civil War quilt enthusiasts.


kathyinozarks said...

I enjoyed the collection-thank you

Barb said...

oh how I wish I could see this exhibit. great Lincoln quilts.