Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sets for Westering Women

Jeanne's been setting her Westering Women blocks monthly as she makes them.

She's using the official set with 3" finished sashing.
Instructions here:

JJan is using the potholder technique
or Quilt As You Go method. She quilts each block before
she stitches them together. The narrow strip probably goes on two sides.

Denniele is also using narrow strips but piecing the top
in conventional fashion. Her 12" setting strips feature
finished x" blue strips and x" light.

Lynette is alternating a log cabin block.

This series started out as a Block of the Month for my guild.
Here is one of the sets, an alternate half square triangle block. Our
blocks were larger and featured a few different blocks.

For 12" blocks, the triangles would be cut from squares cut 12-7/8".
You'd need 13 alternate blocks.
So cut 7 dark squares and 7 light.


Barbara Brackman said...

You can see I forgot to ask Denniele how wide those strips are. She or I will figure it out.

Jeanne said...

My borders will be a bit narrower cause I'll be using up a piece of fabric from my stash. We're getting to the end of this one!

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Rina Spina said...

It's interesting to see all different sets, I'm setting mine in the traditional way like Jeanne did, but I didn't take a picture yet.
I would like to know how to assemble the finished blocks assembled using the potholder technique. Thanks!

Barbara Brackman said...

Rina. I bet if you did a search for potholder quilt you would find more instructions. I did this once. You quilt each block like a 12 inch quilt and bind it Then you whip stitch (an over and over stitch) them together. It's already quilted and bound when you put then together. The binding makes those thin lines between the blocks.

Rina Spina said...

Thank you, Barbara. I'll do a search and then a try, I have some orphan blocks to put together.
Happy thanksgiving!

Denniele said...

OOhh I missed that email, Barbara! The sashing was cut as follows:

blue 12 1/2" x 1"
cream 12 1/2" x 2"
cornerstones were cut 3" square

Hope this helps!