Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sage Bud---Coordinating the Blocks

Joanne's Sage Bud

I've been collecting photos of your Sagebud block (#9 in Westering Women)




JJan added more seams to avoid Y-seams.

getting the same block if not the same look.

I found a variety of looks.

When I Photoshopped them altogether it wasn't the most coordinated quilt. So I tried some design tricks to get a calmer look.

One way to pull things together is to alternate a simple block
with the same proportions. Here I did a digital sketch
of a nine patch constructed like the Sagebud....

Creating a coordinated quilt out
of some of your coordinated blocks.

Another design trick is to do a counterchange shading
with one block light on dark and the alternated block dark on light.

To do that I Photoshopped Jeanne's block
by "inverting" it and fooling with the color.

The dark border also pulls things together.

I added a digital border of "Patterson Park" from
my Baltimore Blues line (it's not all blue).

Not really to scale but you get the idea.


Summer said...

They are so pretty ♥

Chantal said...

Thanks for the inspiration. It was fun to see all the difference an alternative block can bring. ;^)

Jeanne said...

I like the light-dark alternating backgrounds. Think I'll try that for next year's block of the month :)

Lizzy D said...

Wow I better get busy! Also I ve been thinking about the setting, maybe the 9 patch is an interesting alternative to sashing, since the 3 x 4 set of blocks isn't very big. Thanks for ideas.

Janie said...

I actually like the before photo of the blocks best.
Long live pizazz.

Danice G said...

Very pretty. I love seeing all of the blocks. The fabrics and colors are so varied and interesting.