Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dixie Diary URLs

Dixie Dairy by American Homestead
Twelve blocks with applique.

A couple of years ago we did the Dixie Diary sampler.
I thought I'd collect the sites for all the patterns in one place,
which is down at the bottom of this page.

Dixie Dairy by MooseBayMuses
20 Blocks. She made multiples.

Dixie Diary by American Homestead
She made rows of 9 of the blocks

Pink Deenster

Dixie Diary by Denniele Bohannon, who used the frames.

Dixie Diary by CookiesCreek.

Dixie Diary by Dustin Cecil
The blocks are in there.

Here are the addresses if you want to start late:

And the postscript about Sarah after the war.


Jeanne said...

I especially like Terry/American Homestead's rows! Saving that idea for future sampler projects.

Rosa said...

Anyone is just beautiful.congrats to all the quilters.