Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Yankee Notions: Finished Samplers

Erica Cannon has her Yankee Notions top done.
 She's standing on a ladder because she made two of some
 blocks to make a larger quilt.

Several stitchers have finished their sampler of the twelve blocks
from our 2020 Block of the Month Yankee Notions.

Ginny Bresette

Twelve blocks with monthly tales about Yankee Notions---
philosophical, cultural and tangible---versus Southern Notions.

Ginny's first block

The stories tell us about a large and diverse country with some
very different cultural baggage we carry into the 21st century.

Jean Etheridge's is quilted & bound.

She found the perfect Yankee Notions print

Dena Brannen

The bird print is a feature in each of Dena's blocks.

Shawn Priggel's--Cheddar and black and white

Denniele Bohannon's;
Quilting by Becky Collis

Sara Reimer Farley used a spool as a cornerstone
in her sashing.

Each of her blocks has an appliqued Yankee Notion, scissors, sewing machine, etc.

Sewing Bird

Becky Brown's red, white and blue model.
She often makes quilts for veterans. Lucky family
to get this one.

Carol Cook Morton's

Lisa Wagner

Lisa used a spool print throughout the blocks.

Catherine Lennox

Stripes & plaids

Dorry Emmer's #1. She made model blocks in two palettes.
This one sashed with prints featuring sewing notions.

Denniele's second model. 18" Blocks

Here's a post to a link with all the patterns:

This year's pieced BOM is Hands All Around: Alcotts at War.
Block #2 next Wednesday.


sue s said...

These are all so nice! It's fun to see what fabrics are used. Alas, mine will not be finished until June as it is 3rd in line....

Jean Etheridge said...

Thank you for such a fun quilt!

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Such a wonderful variety of interpretations. I'm enjoying my start with Hands All Around.

Jerilea Hendrick said...

These are fantastic! I fell behind on mine. Wonderful use if patterns :)

Rina Spina said...

So many beautiful versions of Yankee Notions! I'm waiting for the right fabrics for the setting, everytime is so frustrating for me to find the right fabric to assemble my blocks. Hopefully I'll finish before the end of february

QuiltGranma said...

To the casual, non quilter, they would likely think there is nothing in common with all these quilts. It is amazing how different they all look, so unique, so personally influenced by their makers, what a lovely gallery!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great quilts ladies!