Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Cassandra's Circle Applique Quilt: Free Patterns

Becky Brown's sketch for her Cassandra's Circle with
blocks 1-8 in place.

Each month you get a free pattern for an appliqued block for Cassandra's Circle.

Below are links to the patterns as they are posted.

Mckenna's #1 Washington's Plume
for Mary Chesnut

Carla's Washington's Plume

Lisa's #2: Mulberry Wreath for Mary Boykin Chesnut 

Rebecca added more stuff, as did many readers.
A better balance.

Wendy's #3: Palmetto for Louisa Cheves McCord
9" Block

Susannah's Palmetto

Becky's  #4:  Texas Star for Charlotte Wigfall

Pat adds and revises to good effect.

Dorothy's #5 Russian Sunflower for Lucy Pickens

Karrin's Russian Sunflower

Maureen's #6 Briar Rose for Varina Davis

Beth's Briar Rose

Valinda's #7 Wild Rose for Maggie Howell

Peggy's Wild Rose


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Thanks for the eye candy. So delicious!

Randy D. said...

Very tempting!!

Kerry said...

How super - especially Becky's Texas Star fussy cutting for the feathers/leaves. They could be either - very well done.

Pieceful Lady said...

I never tire of seeing these blocks and hope to make one in red and green. Time ... I want more time! Thank you for the inspiration.