Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Past Perfect Pinterest Pages: Reproduction Prints

A Pinterest page of purples

Below are a few of the many Pinterest Pages I've assembled about different historic quilt color and print styles. Once you've found one of them you can click on the picture of me

and it will take you to all my boards under my name.
(I've also got boards under BlockBase.)

These should help you build your Civil War reproduction print stash with confidence.

Chrome Orange Past Perfect

Double Pink Past Perfect

Overdyed Green Past Perfect

Prussian Blue Past Perfect

Shirtings Past Perfect

Turkey Red Past Perfect

Madder Style Past Perfect

Indigo Past Perfect


Barbara Black said...

One of the best reasons the Internet exists--thanks!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Wow, you've been busy! Thanks for sharing.

CecileD said...

Last year, I learnt a lot with the stars in a time warp, but these chapters are full of details ! A real colour class and i subscribed in all !
Thank you so much for your work.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Barbara, for creating all these Past Perfect Pinterest Pages. They are a great resource!

Rina Spina said...

I didn't know what means madders print until I jumped in a QAL hosted by Lori of Humble Quilt. I really appreciate the pages on Pinterest you collect for us, especially for me it's a great help on how to mix well colors and prints!
Thanks a lot.

MaryC said...

SO much to learn! whew - almost overwhelming! thanks for the 'jump start'!

lissa said...

So much great information all in one place. You are certainly the walking encyclopdia. Thanks for sharing this with us.


Summer said...

Thanks for sharing this! Happy Thursday ♥

Disabled in South Florida said...

Thanks for taking the time to gather and share this historical information with us!