Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Ladies's Legacy & a Nine Diamond


My latest repro fabric line for Moda is due in shops any day now.
It says March delivery up there on the left.

The fabrics in Ladies' Legacy are drawn from a quilt in my collection
made by the women art students at the Cooper Union school
in New York, probably close to the end of the Civil War.
See more about the quilt here:

Becky Brown is using it for one of the models for our next applique BOM
Ladies' Aid New York Sampler (more about that next week) and with the leftovers she
pieced a Nine Diamond Quilt.

Here's her plan.

The Ladies Legacy prints are primary colors red, blue & green
plus browns and whites for neutrals but she thought the quilt needed some
yellow, so she found some in her stash.

She writes: 

"When I finished the applique blocks for LADIES' AID SAMPLER, I was still in love with the LADIES' LEGACY fabrics so I started sewing squares to make 9-patch blocks. I added corners and thought it was a pretty cool block and kept sewing while keeping an eye on my dwindling stack of fabrics.This one was going to be a bed quilt, so I started adding some other fabrics, mostly yellows and greens to extend the fabrics to assure that I'd have enough blocks. 64 blocks needed for a 72 x 72" quilt plus borders. I like square quilts because they work as a topper on about any size bed. The best thing about this quilt may be the border - just look what that beautiful frame does to elevate this simple quilt. 2-1/2 yards of border fabric was used to make this quilt - love that there are 4 repeats of two designs. The other four strips of the border fabric were narrower and used to prance around the LADIES' AID quilt. Oh my, such wonderful fabric!

THEN what a delight when I was reading your new book and learned that I had made Nine-Diamond blocks! Of course, and that's what I'm calling this quilt that I will gift to my sister, once I get it machine quilted."

The pattern she picked was first published in Hearth & Home
magazine about 1900 as Cross Roads to Jerico (sic) number 2385 in
my new Encyclopedia. When I was in Tennessee many years ago
I tried to call it that and the natives told me I was wrong. It
was a Nine Diamond.

And a Nine Diamond it is.
Her blocks are 9" square. She shaded them in counterchange
fashion, meaning that what is light in one block is dark in the next.

Mitering the paisley stripe in the border.

Her finished top is 82" square.

I'm glad she likes the fabric!

Simple pattern, great for beginners and a beautiful Civil-War era reproduction quilt. Thank you, Becky, once again.


kathyinozarks said...


Janet said...

I can’t wait!!

Janet O. said...

Love the quilt Becky made! Great fabrics turn a simple pattern into a real eye-catcher!

Mary Says Sew! said...

Damn! Another quilt added to my Must-Do! list!

A little fabric therapy is needed about now, too. :')

Judy said...

Oh how I love your fabrics! I reserved this a while back and will get that paisley for a backing. Thank you for a pattern Ms Brackman! I’m such a fan of yours!!!

Karen said...

Beautiful fabrics, Barbara, Looking forward to buying these! Becky’s quilt is beautiful too,

Cheryl said...

Love the new fabric line, and love Becky's!

Dorry said...

Oh my goodness, what a treasure this has turned out to be. Lovely fabrics + simple pattern = a winner! I look forward to seeing the fabric line in person.

Rina Spina said...

Wow!!! What a wonderful new fabrics collection!I would love to have it, and make a nine patches diamond for myself!
Becky is an extraordinary model maker, often I copy her colors choice, even though the fabrics are not the same.
I really enjoy reading your post, so full of information and I think you have the magic to put life on what you write!
Thank you Barbara, I'm glad that i found you!

QuiltGranma said...

Looks like one I'd love to make!

Susie Q said...

for years now Moda says March but it really is the last week of March.... and with the way the world is now it could even be April BUT they sure look like nice fabrics.... I have room on my shelf for them!!

Faunacoco said...

That is just enchanting. Barbara is the blue in your new line, would that be Prussian blue?
Laura G.

Judy said...

I can’t quite make out yet measurements, MS Brackman. Could you give us these measurements for each small block, please? I know we would love to make this quilt with your new line. I don’t have block base. Would Becky give us this pattern?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Small blocks (orange/green) of nine patch are 2 5/8 per the pic. Large triangles cut diagonally are 5 3/8. If you click on the pic, you can print and save the jpg file and then enlarge it to read it better. I think my numbers are correct.

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