Wednesday, February 24, 2021

2021 BOM Ladies Aid New York Sampler


Quilt attributed to Susannah Butts Adsitt Boots
Dutchess County, New York 
International Quilt Museum

Sampler applique quilts were the fashion all over the U.S. in the
1840-1870 period.

Quilt made for James Humeston
Found in the New York quilt project

New Yorkers were caught up in the fad.

Quilt from the Blauvelt family, New York
Sotheby's Auction

Sampler dated 1876-1877
Doyle Auction

New Yorkers continued to make them when the fashion faded elsewhere.

Like quiltmakers in Philadelphia, Charleston and Baltimore
they had their own sampler style...

...which has inspired our 2021 applique Block of the Month.
Ladies' Aid New York Sampler

We'll do 12 relatively simple applique blocks this year, each based on
a New York favorite.

 The monthly history will feature people active in
the Soldiers' Aid Societies in the state during the Civil War.
The first post will be up here on March 31st.

Chief model maker Becky Brown is using prints from
my latest Moda repro fabric collection Ladies' Legacy---
which we hope will be delivered to shops in March.

New New Yorker Barbara Schaffer will be diving into her stash of reproduction

She must have a storage locker full of good greens.

Fabric Requirements

Our 12 fanciful blocks will finish to 18". 
Correction: That is 15"

Suggested sets require 2-3/4 yards if you want each background the same.
For the applique: Scraps of red, green, blue, browns etc. or
    4 fat quarters of greens & reds, 3 of brown & blue.

Antique shown at Quilts in the Barn in Australia
(I'm betting its from New York State.)

You will notice that New Yorkers liked to link their blocks by including applique in the corners. Our suggested set gives you optional hearts in the corner of each block.

45" x 60"

If you want to use the hearts in the corners you'll need 1-1/2 yards of red (or green or whatever)...

Rockland County, New York
Skinner Auction

We'll get started five weeks from today. Meanwhile you can join our Facebook group:



Wendy Caton Reed said...

Woohoo! I know I shouldn't start anything new but, I can't wait.

Barb said...

So tempting....I may have to jump in on this one :)

Barbara Brackman said...

Easy shapes---few pieces. Really cute! Jump in, friends.

Susie H said...

Looks like fun! If the blocks finish at 18", wouldn't the quilt finish at approx 54" x 72"?

gladiquilts said...

This looks wonderful, but I am "drowning" in appliqué for my own projects right now and do not dare start something new like this!! I'll just enjoy watching others this time. Meanwhile, it's ironic that I just posted yesterday about deciding to use hearts at the block intersections of something I'm working on - not a usual choice for me!

CecileD said...

If you said that the blocks are easy... ha ha !!
I'm going to try !!
Thank you Barbara !

Cheryl said...

Oh, this looks fun. Between my interest in the Ladies Aid society, and the fact that I was born and still live in NY, I think this has my name on it.
I love the look of applique, but tend not to do it, due to lack of confidence. Easy does it will be my mantra and I'm looking forward to it.

Unknown said...

You should!!!!

Unknown said...

Looks wonderful and very tempting. How many sew alongs is too many?? Lol

Anonymous said...

Who is the lady on the picture with a had in her hand, her other hand on a flag?