Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Rest of the Post on Repro Fabrics

Sarah's Story in Betsey Chutchian's booth

Pam Buda's booth

Riviera Rose by Renee Nanneman 

I went to Quilt Market last Friday looking for what was new in repro fabric.
Not much. It was hard to find any 19th-century reprints scheduled for summer and fall delivery.

Rochester by Di Ford Hall

There are a few good lines out there. Some available now.

Susanna's Scraps by Betsy Chutchian

Some scheduled for fall

Regency Sussex by Christopher Wilson Tate

It's a good time to buy if you are looking for blues...
Tell your shop owner to buy them
and then you buy them from her.
It couldn't hurt.

Charlotte 1860 by Carrie Quinn

Abigail Blue by Mary Koval

Vive La France by French General

And you should be buying blues because one day the blue trend will be over
and you will have to rely on your stash.

Carol Hopkins, Mrs. Lincoln

There was no shortage of traditional patterns. We loved this one by Carol Hopkins but it's hard for shops to support the traditional and reproduction pattern businesses when there is no fabric to market with the books and patterns. Quilt shops are really not in the business of advising people to use their stashes.

Maybe next year.


Wendy Caton Reed said...

I want them all and more!! We've been through a drought before, so I will just keep hoping things will come around again.

Pat said...

What you have shared though is a stunning array! And my wish list just grew by leaps and bounds. There has been such a long, ongoing trend of quickly cut and pieced quilts. It certainly makes for fast turnover in a shop’s inventory which brings in $$ +++ . Doubt if this trend will reverse anytime soon. Those of us who savor longer term projects steeped in tradition might be a vanishing breed? Wonder what historians will say about both groups 100 years from now?

Pat said...

I totally agree with you and all of the comments. But I must say that when fabric companies have the same color for several lines it makes it so easy for people to work from their stashes. And I think that adds to problem of shops closing. For those of us that LOVE reproduction fabrics we need to put our quilt projects out there in social media etc so people will see how beautiful they are and regain interest.

Lori said...

I'm really enjoying Christopher Tates fabric lines!!

Judith said...

I hope Wendy is right, and that the pendulum will swing again so we can enjoy more repro in our shops. My closest shop with repro is a three hour drive, so I make that a once a year treat, and shop online for the rest. Shopping online for fabric isn't much fun.

I love this blog, and I'm still learning so much. Thank you for all this work, Barbara.

Judy said...

Wish you would design a bundle.I treasure your fabrics!