Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Hospital Sketches Class

Hospital Sketches Block #1
Periwinkle Wreath by Bettina Havig

Bettina has been teaching a class using the Hospital Sketches applique blocks for her guild in Columbia, Missouri, the Booneslick Trail Quilters Guild. She got the patterns early so we'd have some models to ooh! and aah! over.

She gave the program there in January.

She's sent me photos of the classwork, quite impressive. See some blocks here. The group theme is Baltimore Album style applique by hand.

Periwinkle Wreath by Barb Sanders

If you'd like to teach an applique or Civil War class using this series of nine blocks I'd love it. You can have each student download the pattern off the blog once a month. I started putting the BOM's  up here a few years ago free when I was designing fabric, but now that I'm not selling fabric I still enjoy doing it because I like to encourage people to make traditional quilts.

 Periwinkle Wreath by Kathryn Jones

Even if they don't use traditional fabrics.

Periwinkle Wreath by Marty Webster

Another option is to have the students each buy a PDF for $12 from my Etsy shop to download and print themselves .

I know some stitchers do not find downloading and printing patterns off the internet to their taste (or computer skill levels) so there are alternatives. You can print the pattern and give one to each student.
If you are making money off the class (and I hope you are) it would seem fair for you to send me $12 for each of the students paying to take the class---that's $1.33 for each pattern.

Periwinkle Wreath by Myrna Powers

Email me at if you are interested in teaching a class or offering this as a Block of the Month in your shop. And send me pictures as we'd all love to see them.


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Great job Bettina! She has a talented group!

Susie H said...

WOW! All beautiful blocks. Great job to all!

Denniele said...

Beautiful blocks being made in Bettina's group!

Trudy said...

Beautiful work. Looking forward to making this quilt.