Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Denniele's Pink Set for Antebellum Album

Denniele Bohannon's Antebellum Album
Blocks 1-8 with her own setting block.

Those black squares finish to 1"
Here's her pattern with her Louanna Mary Quilt Design signature.

The monthly 12" blocks alternate with this block and there is a 1" sashing strip between the blocks and rows. (Cut 1-1/2").

She's making two high-contrast sets of blocks. I think the blue series
will be set with the regulation setting block.
But she might get a new idea!


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Now that is a great combination. I hope she name's if "Good and Plenty"!

Denniele said...

Thank you, Barbara, for two things! First, the great pattern and stories that come out each month and educate us. And secondly, for letting me go where it takes me.

Becky in VA said...

Nice alternate block.

Mark Lauer said...

I also said "Good and Plenty" to Denniele a couple of months ago! Beautiful job and great setting block!!

Danice G said...

Very nice color combination on a great block.

Janie said...

Denniele's Pink Set is gorgeous.
Barbara, this traditional style is captivating.
I'm being drawn in.