Thursday, September 20, 2018

Errors in Etsy Shop Patterns for Antebellum Album #9 & 10

Mistakes were made!

Judy & Martha have been quite helpful in acting as volunteer technical editors. They've pointed out two errors in the PDF of patterns 9-12 you can purchase in my Etsy shop. If you have not bought these patterns (either in the mail or by downloading the PDF) you can ignore this post.

Pattern #9 will be up next Wednesday September 26th and it will be corrected.

Here's the problem with Pattern #9.

The cutting directions for piece D were wrong. You need to cut the square into 4 triangles not 2. And you only need to cut 6 squares. Sorry for any extra cutting.

For Pattern #10.
The problem is that the length of the strip for piece D is wrong. I told you it should be 6" long. Too short. It needs to be 7-3/8". Becky corrected this once. I forgot.

PS: We also mispelled precision.

Thanks to Judy, Martha and Becky.

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