Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Another Northern Lily/Southern Rose

I finally finished my version of
the Northern Lily/Southern Rose sampler quilt
I designed for my 2011 reproduction line
Civil War Reunion.

I worked with Moda's designer Susan Stiff on this quilt. I drew up the applique patterns...
(Note what the poor woman had to deal with.)

made a model and sent it off to her.
 She made a digital sketch of each block & drew the pattern better in digital form

We decided on an alternate block set with a double
border that made into an 84" square quilt.

Susan also stitched the model that was shown at Quilt Market.

Moda made a pattern package out of it and sold it in
2011 to recall the 150th anniversary of the Civil War's beginning.

So I have just gotten my 9 blocks quilted and bound. Lori Kukuk quilted it on her longarm.
I'm only 6 years behind in finishing things up.

The pattern is way out of print but I noticed that some online retailers still have a few of the Moda paper patterns in stock. Check these out:


I digitized it so you can buy my version at my Etsy Shop:

PDF to print yourself:

Paper through the Mail


suzanne said...

My backlog is bigger than yours!

Mine may be hopeless..but it's inspiring to hear that you are making good headway on yours.

Kerry said...

Backlog? What backlog?

Ohhhh THAT backlog - I'm not looking any more and have put my blinkers on!

UplayOnline said...

it's inspiring to hear that you are making good headway on yours.


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