Wednesday, October 11, 2017

All Block Twos

Yankee Diary
Block 2: Susan B.'s Star 
by Denniele Bohannon

What if you made a dozen of block 2 
and alternated dark and light shading?

Here are your blocks and a couple of dark
Photoshopped block 2s. They are 18" so the virtual quilt would be 54" x 72".

66" x 84" with a 6" border.
Well, it would keep you busy
and you'd wind up with a patriotic extravaganza.


Danice G said...

Pretty settings. Thank you for showing my block, too :)

Jeanne said...

Thanks for including me :) Sigh, I'm so far behind ...

Kristi said...

What a creative idea! I'm almost caught up! I just finished 7 and 8 earlier this week and have 9 all ready to be stitched down! After I finished 7 and 8 I sewed a few of the blocks's starting to look like a quilt!

Rina Spina said...

It's a nice setting! This block has been a hard one for me, I sewed and ripped the star three times before it turned out fine.
I’m a little behind, still working on the checkered stripes, hope to finish the nineth Block before you post the next.
Thanks for adding my block in your layout.