Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Northern Lily & Southern Rose

Got these photos recently of some beautiful hand quilting
by Candice Greco, a friend of a friend.

The pattern for her quilt is from my book Quilts From the Civil War

"Northern Lily & Southern Rose."

Northern Lily & Southern Rose by Terry Clothier Thompson. 
Pp 70-79

Terry and I certainly had fun working on that book, the first thing we wrote on quilts and the Civil War. We looked at a lot of vintage quilts and read first-person-accounts from the era. Terry updated several designs with her own flair.

Our inspiration:
When the Kansas Troubles inspired partisans to move to the Kansas Territory in 1855 as antislavery or proslavery advocates, Lucy Larcom won a contest with a poem to inspire western migration and UNION.
"Sisters true, Join us too
Where the Kansas flows
Let the Northern Lily bloom
With the Southern Rose."

It's one of the nine projects with full instructions in the book. I still have a lot of these books---I'm so glad I bought a bunch. You can buy one here:

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