Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Repro Prints Fall 2017

Cheddar & Friends - Pam Buda

I've been checking out reproduction prints in shops this fall. I found some fabric collections echoing the Civil War era.
Abundant Blessings - Kim Diehl

I was looking for madder red and browns, chintz-scale prints, Turkey reds, double pinks, chrome oranges and yellows, Prussian blues and overdyed greens.

Prairie Basics - Pam Buda

Timeless - Jo Morton

Many of the lines are more suitable for end-of-the-19th century reproduction quilts.
Greenish browns rather than reddish-browns.

American Swatch Book -Judie Rothermel

It's a good time to build that "Circa 1900" stash: wine-colored reds, pinks, navy blues, 
cadet blues (gray-blues), grays and blacks.

Nineteenth-Century School Dresses - Judie Rothermel

Kindred Spirits Sisters - Jill Shaulis

And shirtings on white grounds or tan

Prairie Shirtings - Pam Buda

Sycamore -Jan Patek

Crystal Farm - Edyta Sitar

It's not a great season to build that Civil War stash. My motto is "Buy 'Em When You See 'Em." At least a half a yard. Don't dither when you see good brights like Turkey red and greens. Those prints and colors are offered in limited fashion because they cater to a limited customer base:


We'll see what fall Quilt Market brings in the way of early-19th to mid-19th century repros.


Denniele said...

Love the cheddar! Missing a new line from you!

Becky in VA said...

Ditto what Denniele said.

Kristi said...

Love the cheddar too! I'm hoping I can use cheddar in the next BOM! :)

cityquilter grace said...

if i have to choose only one it'd be the kim diehl collection....

Rosa said...

There are yummiest collections and hard to choose only one.

Suzanne A said...

Thanks for curating this very helpful round up of repros! Some of us have no shop near by where we can browse repros, so you've given us a nice store to shop in.

Jeanette said...

Thanks for this fabulous post of repro ranges. As i mostly buy online it's nice to know what ranges there are & by who.

Mark Lauer said...

I'm running out of room for more fabric but these look so great! Oh well, that's why God made the Container Store! :)

siamkitty said...

Thank you so much for the list of current Civil War reproductions! I am currently making a charm quilt using 1800's fabrics, aiming for 10,000 different fabrics, and I am halfway there! Unfortunately, I live in a city where all the quilt guilds are modern and artsy quilts, and quilters who hand piece are not welcome.

Monique D (B-Maransart) said...

Ces tissus sont magnifiques. Je me laisserais bien tenter et je note les références pour une prochaine commande.
Merci pour tous les articles que tu publies.

UplayOnline said...

Some of us have no shop near by where we can browse repros, so you've given us a nice store to shop in.


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm from Namibia/Africa. We are so far away but I'm loving ure material and intrested. How can I place an order?