Wednesday, August 16, 2017

More From Japan (and New Hampshire)

I showed Tonko's work last week.

Her Japanese quilt friend Jun wrote in a comment:
"She treats inches as centimeters to make blocks. For example, she makes 5 inch block as 5cm block. Which means she makes a 5 inch block less than 2 inches.
and she is sewing all by hand. I did some of your past projects with her, I am always amazed by her work."

In putting all this cross-cultural quilting together I see her friend does a blog as Bear Necessities and uses the names Daisyusanh and usnhjun. And on her instagram page "Jun living in New Hampshire."

I've been keeping track of Jun's Yankee Diary blocks too through her Instagram posts. Love her fabric choices and her photo set-ups.

I rather randomly clicked on links on Bear Necessities and found some interesting pictures.

Jun has been making my BOM's for years. I am so pleased

And then there are some other intriguing series patterns....


Denniele said...

Treats inches as centimeters....boggles my mind! Beautiful work!

Janie said...

I agree, beautiful work and use of color.

Jeanne said...

LOVE those colors!

じゅん said...

Thank you for introducing my Yankee Diary blocks and blog.
I am very happy.