Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Block 3 Finishes: Double Ties

Daisyusanh's finished her 5 versions of Block 3,
the Double Tie. We can see where she's going
with some great period calicoes.

Jeannie at Spiral has a patriotic color scheme in mind.

As does Vrooman's Quilts
(She made an extra.)

You could make a lot more. 
They are sort of like popcorn.
5 might not be enough.

Crib quilt, Baltimore, about 1860
DAR Museum & the Quilt Index

Next week Block 4.


mbritton said...

Hi Barbara,
I certainly enjoy your posts, especially the civil war series. Nebraska is celebrating 150 years of statehood this year. I have plans for a quilt with the NE state seal as a center medallion with blocks from your 2011 series which I had saved and printed surrounding it. I was wondering if you had pictures of Nebraska quilts and if you would be willing to do a blog in honor of our 150 anniversary and show some of the pictures of Nebraska quilts. Thanks for all you do to educate all quilters. It is such a treasure to read your blogs.

Barbara Brackman said...

Mary. I will work on it.

Kristi said...

Beautiful! I'm hoping to get to mine this week!

Anonymous said...

Those all look so appealing, and I do like that baby quilt!