Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Grandmother's Choice Samplers

Mike Ellingsen
Grandmother's Choice
Mike did a great job with the color. 

Several years ago we did a Grandmother's Choice BOW with
a history of the women's rights movement.

From the Rural New Yorker in 1916. 
"Votes for Women: Beginning Early at a Great Question"

Here are some finishes.
Amanda ---1 of 3

Flo B - used the green and yellow symbolic colors of the Suffragettes.

Dustin Cecil
uses any darn color he wants to.

He's right. The sashing really pulls it all together.

Pink Deenster's second top


And Pillen Maja

I gave Grandmother's Choice its own blog address. It's not to late to start your own quilt. Here's a link to the first block.
They are posted once a week for much of 2012.

And see more finishes here:

I've been figuring out ways to use Pinterest to index my files. I started a page called FREE Historical BOM & BOW with links to the series I've been posting over the past few years. See it here:

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Rosa said...

Wow, anyone is absolutely beautiful.Congrats to all.Great job.