Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Color Scheme of Primaries

Peace & Plenty
The book Civil War Sampler is going to have instructions for 12" blocks and ten patterns that we didn't have on the blog. This means I had to write ten new stories----I love doing that.

But I also had to make ten new blocks---and since I am not much of a seamstress I put that job off as long as I could.

I do enjoy picking out the fabric, however, and I decided to use a red, green and yellow color scheme--- one that was popular at the time of the Civil War.

Old Maid's Puzzle
I added some double pinks

Courthouse Square
And bright blues echoing the Prussian blues and indigoes of the era

Twin Sisters
I made a baby quilt out of 9 of the blocks, took snapshots,
And sent the whole thing to the publisher who took much better photos of everything for the book.
You will not get to see any dog parts in the book (notice Dot at top of photo)....even though that might be historically accurate.
My sister blogged about Abraham Lincoln's dog this week


Jacqueline said...

Your color selection seems so different for you. Can't wait to see the book.

KathiP said...

I love the new blocks - can't wait for the books.

I think the Anonymous person is on drugs or doing something nefarious - just weird!

Barbara Brackman said...

I try to eliminate the robot comments when they show up. I doubt anonymous is a real person.

WoolenSails said...

That makes a beautiful baby quilt. I rarely use yellow in my quilts, but I do love golds.


Denniele said...

Really like the Peace & Plenty block. Can't wait for the book and the new stories. Poor Dot..just looking for her 10 minutes of fame!

Marianne said...

I purchased a red, green, and yellow quilt from an antique shop years ago. I think you have helped me date it. I love the color combo.

antique quilter said...

LOVE these colors :)
the blocks make a great baby quilt for me a wallhanging in our home would be perfect in those colors!

Sally said...

wonderful color combo. I'm doing the new Suffrage one in orange, green and yellow (chrome yellow, cheddar and poison) so probably won't make the 10 new blocks in your new colors--of couse, by the time I get the book, who knows--and just maybe all the blocks from 2011 will be done by then!