Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Square in a Square Set for Hands All Around


Here's a set idea being discussed on our Facebook page

12 different star blocks, 13 alternate blocks of a square
inside a square.
Cutting for 8, 12 & 16" from EQ8 

Quilt about 1900 by Evalina White Allmott Chiswell Darby,
North Carolina Project & the Quilt Index

You get a lot of different effects by shading and setting the blocks on point, etc.

Susan E. Mueller is trying out the set here with Block #2.

13 stars, 12 alternate blocks
If you were careful with the shading you can get a
complex pattern going that really emphasizes the
alternate blocks.

EQ8 sketches

But since this is a sampler of stars
we might be better off with low contrast in the alternate
square in a square blocks.

Like this one circa 1900 from Donna Stickovitch's collection.

Monument Square, early 20th century.
Library of Congress

We'll call it Monument Square after the Concord park where the Civil War Memorial is located.

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