Wednesday, April 10, 2019

More Arithmetic: Addition & Subtraction

Block 2 Hospital Sketches
Virginia Cockscomb by Bettina Havig

Some stitchers thought the classic pattern for Block 2 was a little sparse.

Antique sampler from the Michigan project & the Quilt Index

We encourage addition around here:

Janet at Mrs.Sew&Sew

Joan Smith
See more birds:

Rebecca Schnekenburger found her bird in 
Jeana Kimball’s Old Voices New Impressions

Bridget McDermott Flood

Lin T McQuiston

Patt Seitas

Roseanne Smith wasn't having any hearts so she did some fussy cutting
for her flourish.

Vickie Wendel

Dots always good.

Leslie Stephens

7Sisters on Instagram
A different background block. Quite clever.